The Top Secrets Of The Skinny

Cara from New Hampshire Writes:

I am frustrated. Many of my friends are seemingly effortlessly thin. They drink their coffee, drink wine, and indulge in junk foods, yet don’t seem to gain any weight. I’m 37 and have gained over thirty pounds recently.  I eat healthy and exercise about 3 days per week. What could I be doing wrong?


Dear Cara,

I know it seems frustrating when everyone else around you seems to be thin and doing whatever he or she want to do with their lifestyle. Then there you are eating carrot sticks and water and going, “What’s the deal?” I get it. Many times you have to look at the big picture. There are different body types and varying metabolic rates that can control what a person can eat and what they can’t. First you want to look and see how your overall metabolism is working. You can check with your doctor and they can get some labs that will show you if there are any metabolic or nutritional deficiencies and then you can construct a powerful strategy around that. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be super-strict on your lifestyle habits to stay thin. You can enjoy your life. Here are some basic principles that most people who manage their weight will adhere to. 

1.Eat Smaller Portions
Sounds simple, right? Eat less and exercise more? It’s true that you need to cut back on the calories. Just make sure they are good calories. It ok to go for thin, just make sure it’s broccoli-thin and not donut-thin.

2.Stop Eating When Full
The brain will tell the stomach its full after about 20 minutes. Don’t push it.

3.Eat More Home Cooked Meals
Be in control of the quality of your food and the calories.

4.Eat Breakfast Every Day
This gears up the metabolism and helps set the stage for healthy weight managing hormones for the day.

5.Exercise Consistently
Just get moving. I don’t care what it is. Walking, jogging, zumba, hot yoga, weight lifting. Just make it happen. We sit all day long and you will struggle to hot your goals if you are not moving. Aim for 5 days per week.

6.Avoid Skipping Meals
This causes the metabolism to slow down and can halt your goals for maintaining a healthy weight.

7.Eat Your Vegetables
Only a small percentage of Americans actually eat fruits and vegetables. Load up on these fiber-rich and nutrient dense foods that can make you feel full without all the extra calories.

8.Follow The 90/10 Rule
I always teach to eat well 90 percent of the time and 10 percent you can do what you want. That is when you can hang with your thin friends and have a latte, or some indulgence that you enjoy. The body responds well if you have a good routine in place.

These are some basics that will help guide you regardless of your body type and overall metabolic profile.