The Anti- Aging Ocean Foods That Can Turn Back The Clock by Dr. Asa Andrew

Carlton from North Carolina Writes:

I am looking for some natural ways to slow the aging process. I exercise several times each week. I am sleeping better and handling the stress in my life. What are some extra tricks to help with my skin tone, vitality, and looking and feeling younger when it comes to aging?

Dear Carlton,

It seems like everyone wants to turn back the clock. You are definitely following some of the best lifestyle-based direction by exercising, eating well, sleeping more, and managing stress levels. Along with the anti-aging basics, there are some powerful nutrients that aren’t discussed often that could be right in your backyard…depending on where you live. The best anti-aging ingredients for our bodies come right from our largest water supply, the ocean. We might think that the labs and chemicals can produce the best results, however, the Great Physician had it right when He designed the sea and all the nutrition that lies beneath the waters. Lets look at some of the essentials that we can use from sea life that can improve our health, increase the glow of our skin, and turn back the clock.

Brown and red algae contain a powerful sugar complex that improves the skin's overall function and tone. The algae helps to protect the moisture within the cells and helps keep a higher level of hydration by empowering your health within the cells. The brown algae contains a key component called fucosterol, which helps to decrease the inflammation within the skin and protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

This is a powerful moisturizing agent that is found in sea plants. It helps to keep the skin from premature wrinkling and keep its elasticity along with following an anti-inflammatory diet. The agent is used in many skin care products that are organic in nature.

3.Sea Holly
Found deep within the ocean, sea holly helps to keep the layers of skin in tact and increases new skin cells to be formed. This will keep that tight, youthful look that everyone is searching for, particularly on the face.

The fish proteins contain certain protein peptides that can increase the collagen production within the skin. This will reduce the excess wrinkling and sagging that often comes along with the aging process. The proteins work alongside the omega 3 fatty acids typically found in fish as well.

Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, seaweed contains high levels of vitamin E and C to keep our bodies in shape. These high amounts of antioxidants protect the cells of the body and increase our collagen production. It contains nutrients that also support healthy thyroid function and help to reduce redness and most skin inflammation.

6.Sea Fennel
Known for its protective properties to most of our cells, sea fennel is loaded with chlorogenic acid that helps to fight off the aging process. We constantly have free radicals that come in and attack our healthy cells by a process called oxidation. When we get older and see “brown spots”, that is a sign of skin damage and the aging process. The sea fennel can reduce this pigmentation and lighten the areas of current pigmentation. Many organic cosmetics are using this now to enhance skin tone.



Known as America’s Health Coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is a national best-selling author of Empowering Your Health and host of the #1 Health Talk Radio Show in North America. In addition to his hit television series, he is a regular contributor to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX and regarded as a healthcare leader in the field of lifestyle medicine.