So-Called Healthy Foods To Avoid

Veronica From Michigan Writes:

I am 57 and wanting to start my New Year in the best possible way. What foods should I be eating and avoiding? 

Dear Veronica,

Food is our foundation. The foods we put into our body becomes our body in so many ways. Our cells each day are determined by the foods that we eat. There is a lot of confusion regarding which foods are good and bad. Our Metabolic Diet has a list of healthy foods that you can eat each day. You want to choose foods that reduce inflammation and are not processed. A good rule of thumb is to eat foods in balance. Start with Equal amounts of lean proteins like chicken, fish, beef, and eggs. Then some low-glycemic carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables. And then the healthy fats such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews. This will help create balance in your routine. There are many foods that we think are healthy, but are really not. These are food that will wreck your metabolism and cause you to go in the opposite direction for fat-loss and weight management. Let’s take a look at some of the top so-called “healthy foods” to avoid for optimal health.

1. Fruit Juice
Fruit contains the sugar fructose. This is an interesting sugar as it can turn into fat storage if consumed too often throughout the day. Typically about 2-3 pieces of fruit is a good amount per day. The fruit juice raises the glycemic index and can be taxing to the pancreas and create fluctuating blood sugar levels.
Opt for a piece of fruit .

2. Granola Bars
Typically whole grain but loaded with sugar. 

Opt for a handful of nuts.

3. Yogurt With Fruit On Bottom
This is mostly sugar. The benefits of the naturally occurring probiotics are outweighed by the extra sugar content.
Opt for plain organic yogurt and add some fresh berries.

4. Low-Fat Foods
Think of dressings, peanut butter, etc. When fat is reduced it is replaced with added corn syrup and sugars.
Opt for the full fat options instead. Fat doesn’t make us fat if it’s the right kind of monounsaturated oils. 

5. Pre-Made Smoothies
Most smoothies and shakes are loaded with extra sugar. Create your own for better nutrition and cutting down the sugar. See our shake recipes each week in our newsletter for great ideas.