Should We Be Afraid of the Ebola Virus?

Candice from Ohio writes:

I am hearing quite a bit of media coverage of the Ebola virus. It is making me concerned about my family’s safety. Should we take any protective measures? What are your thoughts on Ebola?

Dear Candice,

The Ebola virus is definitely something to be concerned about for you and your family. There is much talk about what the virus can and can’t do. Now that we have an infected person here in the United States, although contained, we still should be aware of the potential risks. As with any virus or bacteria, the goal is always to keep your body as protected as possible. Doing what you know to build up the immune system will help you gain a level of safety that you are looking for. Scientists from the University of Manchester Metropolitan University performed studies on the effects of the immune system on several viruses and bacteria with natural alternatives such as essential oils. 

They found that certain essential oils had amazing benefits on the effects of the immune system. They found that Salvia Officinalis (Sage), Anethum Graveolens (Dill), tea tree oil, lavender, geranium, and grapefruit seed extract were all beneficial in supporting the immune system. It has also widely been know that high dose vitamin c done by IV can be supportive against some of the most challenging pathogens. 

There are also numerous studies done on the benefits of ionic silver and its antibacterial and antiviral effects on the immune system. Also, there have been many studies on Vitamin D3 and the effects of maintaining a high-normal value to keep a stronger immune system. So there are many options to support the immune system naturally. You can visit our website and find many of these options available there, especially our combination immune support called Proactive Balance. The Ebola virus is currently contained and our medical and government agencies are working diligently to keep the virus at bay. 

It’s never too early to focus on building up your family’s immune system. Look at some of these natural options we have discussed today. And always consider having plenty of organic dark greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, and fermented dairy and vegetables in at least 2 meals per day. This will help develop a healthy digestive and immune system to help give you a natural shield each day. For more information about building a healthier immune system you can visit our web site or check in with our team members.