Overcoming Digestive Issues

Jenna From Florida Writes:

I recently had my first child. I am a working mother with a demanding career. I have found it difficult to juggle the stress of being an executive, wife, and now mother. My daughter is 6 months now and I am having constant bouts of diarrhea, gas, bloating, and then constipation. My doctor says they can't find anything wrong. They think it might be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. What should I do?

Dear Jenna,

Congratulations on being a new Mom! What a blessing. This is sometimes the transition of life. We know that the brain is heavily connected to the gut or the digestive tract. Many studies have concluded that these types of symptoms are indicative of IBS. There is good news here. The way to overcome this situation is found in learning to manage the stress of this new position in life. Becoming a mother is such a wonderful season of life. They are one of our greatest joys. With that joy comes immense responsibility to care for them. When any parent walks into this season, it creates quite a bit of stress. The emotional stress is much harder on the body than physical stress. 

Some great ways to manage this new position in your life is to first prioritize your time. Realize that everything might not get done in a day, and that is ok. Once you realize this, the feeling of overwhelm will begin to subside and life will start to head back into balance. It might be a good idea to get with a nutritionist or lifestyle coach that can walk you through some supporting measures. They can lay out a plan to help your body handle this transition nutritionally. Management is the key.

Many times IBS causes excessive inflammation and nutritional deficiencies leading to these symptoms. Therefore creating an eating plan can help resolve the gas, bloating, and overall digestive discomfort. 

Here are some basic eating tips that may help:

1.Fish Oil – provide long chain fatty acids to help support digestion.

2.Probiotics – Over 40 studies show support in the area of IBS, gas, and bloating.

3.Eliminate Food Allergens – Start with gluten, most grains, and dairy. Typically avoid for about 8 weeks and slowly reintroduce them back into the diet.