New Year, New You – 7 Keys To Lose Weight and Feel Great

Connie From Arizona Writes:

I am 51 and weigh about 200lbs. I am ready to make a lifestyle change. I am taking two medications for blood pressure and one for diabetes. My doctor says to eat better and start exercising, but I don’t know where to begin. What do you suggest?

Dear Connie,

First of all, Happy New Year! This is going to be a great year. It is exciting to see you have the desire to want to make a transition. The good news is that no matter where you are in your health journey, barely surviving, or thriving, there is always hope to become better. When your body has come to the place that it needs medications to function, certain systems have broken down. The next series of steps have to be strategic. Remember, it’s about lifestyle. If we can lifestyle our way into a health challenge, then we can lifestyle our way out! To reach your new health goals you must first learn some of the basics. These are the 7 Lifestyle Keys that are essential in achieving your health goals. Follow these steps and you will see new attainable results in the months to come. Our health is determined by our choices that we make each day. 

  • Key 1 - Committed Attitude: Decide You Want To Live Well Living a healthy lifestyle is 10% percent of knowing what to do and 90% behavior. Making a resolution to overcome whatever health challenges you are currently facing, create a new direction, develop new habits, and beginning to thrive in your overall health begins with a decision to want to live well
  • Key 2 - Eat to Live: Eat Balanced Whole Foods Eat foods in the way they were originally designed to increase energy, overall, vitality, and create essential ways of living. We are what we eat, just like our Granny taught us. What we put into our body becomes our body! Avoiding the pitfalls of processed foods, sugar, and refined carbohydrates, will yield a better return in your overall health. Make a goal to eat well 90% of the time and 10% have fun and enjoy what you like. That means 2-3 meals a week enjoy some of your old favorites! This is about establishing new habits.
  • Key 3 - Get Moving! : 10-20 Minutes A Day 6 Days A Week Doing Something You Enjoy Our bodies were designed to move. Sitting more than six hours per day will decrease our lifespan considerably! Pick an activity that you enjoy such as walking, jogging, biking, weightlifting, skiing, racquetball, or any other sporting activity. Once you begin this new activity and stay consistent, you will see the proven results of focused exercise. Get a personal trainer to help you if you don’t know where to start. And the answer is No, gardening does not count! You can live better, let’s get moving!
  • Key 4 - Know Your Body: Have Lab Testing Done With Your Doctor Everyone should have a trusted primary care physician as a head coach. There is power in the blood. Nutritional deficiencies can develop over time which may cause a breakdown in how our body functions. Eighty percent of the body breaks down before we ever experience our first symptom! Blood testing and genetic-based testing are some of the most vital tools that your physician and/or dietitian will use to assess your overall health. Our body’s blood cells die off and regenerate every 90-120 days. Learning how your body is changing will be a vital step in you understanding which direction to go nutritionally and medically. Stay ahead of the game.
  • Key 5 - Hydrate: Drink Half Your Body-weight In Ounces Of Pure Water Daily Our bodies are made of 75% water! Drinking filtered, spring, or distilled water daily in about half your body-weight in ounces will yield amazing results in your energy, vitality, and overall health. (ex. 200 lb person = 100 oz. water daily) Recent studies have shown that by increasing our intake of water, we will increase fat loss and overall metabolic rate as well. So drink up!
  • Key 6 - Manage Stress: Now that you have the basics down for an optimal lifestyle, its time to manage your life instead of it managing you! Stress will never stop because life doesn’t stop. Rest is a vital role in our energy levels and overall wellness. Every minute of sleep we get before midnight is worth 4 minutes after. Make a goal to be in bed early to increase the body’s recovery ability and regenerative process. Also, take 1 day off a week and unplug with those you love.
  • Key 7 - Live Well And Inspire Others!: It’s time to be a change agent. Now that you have restructured your new lifestyle and attained new health, you can inspire others to do the same! Leave a health legacy for future generations to live in abundance with optimal health, wellness, and lifestyle.