Losing Weight On Thanksgiving Day

Karen From Texas Writes:

I am following your weight loss and lifestyle system and doing great. Your team is amazing! As you know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What can I do to maintain my results while enjoying time with my family? 

Dear Karen,

I am so glad you are doing well on the system! Not to worry about the holiday eating. I always teach 90/10. Eat well 90% of the time and 10% you can do what you want. The reason is that our bodies get settled in when you lower the calories and eat clean foods. Then, when you have a “off-plan” meal, it will actually trigger different metabolic mechanisms in the body and can actually cause you to lose weight. However, the key is to make sure you only eat one meal as your off-plan meal. Don’t continually eat grandma’s sweet potato pie all day long! Also, follow your normal eating strategies throughout the day. Drink your shake for breakfast, follow your mid-morning snacks, and then plan the meals with your friends and family. 

This is an area that many people become militant about. The overall success of any great lifestyle plan is allowing for flexibility. The ability to eat off the plan will allow you to enjoy your day with everyone, eat some family favorites, and get your refocused to why you love this new way of healthy living.

 Here are some basic tips to enjoy your off-plan meal on Thanksgiving Day. 

1.Don’t Feel Guilty, Enjoy It!

2.Drink 8 ounces of green tea 30 minutes before the meal

3.Limit fluids during the meal

4.Take 2-4 Digestive Enzymes With Your Off-Plan Meal (follow suggested label)

5.Eat Some Dessert!

6.Take A Walk In The Evening With Family Or Friends