Is It Possible To Increase Kidney Function? by Dr. Asa Andrew

Gabe from Florida Writes:

My doctor recently said that I have a higher than normal kidney number on my lab test. He mentioned that I should drink more water and that we need to “keep an eye” on things. What can I do on my own to make sure my kidneys are staying healthy?

Dear Gabe,

Our kidneys are one of our most vital organs in the body. They are major players in the detoxification process. They remove our daily toxins and excessive salts therefore purifying our cells and allowing the body to function at its full capacity. One of our keys to a healthy body is keeping the kidneys running well. There are many natural ways to support the kidneys and keep them functioning well even with the daily environmental toxins that we come into contact with. 

Lets look at some basic natural ways to keep the kidneys in a constant state of cleansing and supporting their optimal functioning.

1.Drink More Pure Water
Consider the right kind of water. There are many debates on this topic of the best water to drink for empowering your health. Being dehydrated puts an undue strain on the kidneys and can cause potential damage. Regular water may increase inorganic minerals and salts that can bog down the kidney function. Look to using distilled water periodically to keep the kidneys working well.

2.Coriander and Parsley
Boiling a combination of coriander and parsley leaves in water and drinking this multiple times a day has been shown to support better kidney function. You may notice a change in urine after a few days but is normal. This combination has been known to remove excessive salts and may help erode any stones that may be forming.

3. Juniper Berries
These berries have been known to support healthy kidney function. You can get the actual berries or find them in an extract form. 

4. Cayenne Pepper
A great addition to any meal, cayenne pepper has been known for its regenerative and stabilizing support toward kidney function. I once saw a man that was in late stages of kidney disease use heavy amounts of cayenne pepper with his holistic nephrologist and do extremely well in his longevity and treatment. 

The bottom line with kidney health is to keep the fluids coming in. The kidneys thrive on clean nutrition and clean living. 



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