How To Have Beautiful Skin by Dr. Asa Andrew

Elaine from New Hampshire Writes:

I am 42 and am dealing with some skin issues that I just can’t seem to overcome. I have adult acne and it seems to be getting worse. I also seem to be developing wrinkles and I am so young. Do you have any ideas what might be helpful with improving my skin?

Dear Elaine,

Many times our skin means everything to the way we look and feel about ourselves. We would all love to wake up to flawless skin; the environmental toxins, our daily choices, the sun, and other factors can have other plans for how our skin unfolds in appearance. Adult acne is real and over 85% of people suffered with some form of skin condition at some point in their lives. Our skin can affect our physical appearance and our emotional state and self-esteem. One study mentioned that skin breakouts led to depression and anxiety. So improving our skin can lead to a higher quality of life. There are some basics that we can follow to keep our skin healthy and vibrant, even against the aging process. 

1.Eat More Fish
The omega-3 fats found in fish such as salmon, halibut, and wahoo, make a great cosmetic solution and should be a regular part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Remember our skin health begins from the inside out. The omega -3 fats are not found too often in our diet and play a major role in our skin’s health. 

2.Wear SPF 30 Every Day
Sunscreen does matter. The wear and tear of the suns UVB and UVA rays will take its toll over time. Studies have been done to show that skin protection can reduce the aging process considerably. Do your best to avoid parabens and chemicals. Look for the organic versions of the sunscreens. 

3.Check Your Vitamin D
Your doctor can easily give you a vitamin D blood test to check your levels. Keep your numbers between 60-80 on the labs. This is in the upper end of the range. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and can affect the protective levels of our skin. Think you get enough Vitamin D form the sun? Think again. After the age of 50 our ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun decreases by 50%. Make sure you take a supplement that also has Vitamin K2 in it as well such as K2/D3.

4.Eat More Bacteria
What?! Yes eat more bacteria. Probiotics (good bacteria) is essential for our overall skin health. When our gut is healthy, then our skin will be a direct reflection. You can take probiotics in many different forms such as yogurt, keifer, fermented vegetables, kombucha tea, and many vegetables contain pre-biotics. These natural foods will help heal the gut flora and increase your overall skin tone. 

5.Drink More Water
If you talk to many physicians they will tell you that you can notice if someone drinks a lot of water or if they don’t. Hydration is a huge key for glowing skin. Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces of water with half of those ounces in green tea. The green tea has more research articles on antioxidants and how it supports healthy skin.



Known as America’s Health Coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is a national best-selling author of Empowering Your Health and host of the #1 Health Talk Radio Show in North America. In addition to his hit television series, he is a regular contributor to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX and regarded as a healthcare leader in the field of lifestyle medicine.