Hidden Symptoms of Low Testosterone by Dr. Asa Andrew

Stone from Oregon Writes:

I am 42 and over the last several months I have been very low in energy. My diet is pretty good and I exercise four to five times per week. My strength has been decreasing and I am not burning the belly fat like I should. My doctor did a blood test and said I have low testosterone. What are your thoughts?

Dear Stone,

These symptoms are like so many men today. Low energy could be the result of many conditions. Low testosterone is a challenge for many men and women today. with their health . When testosterone levels are low it makes it tough to lose weight, regardless of your exercise and eating program. Many times we discuss typical symptoms like fatigue, low libido, and depression. However new research tells us that this deficiency can also affect other areas of the body such as the heart, brain, bones, and body fat levels. The blood test by your physician can tell you if you are low, however, there are some other factors that can help be strong indicators as well. Let’s look at some of the additional signs that you may be struggling with low T.

1.Chest Pains
There has been much discussion over this topic. Numerous studies have now confirmed that lower testosterone can lead to heart attack and even stroke in many cases. So if you have a family history or are experiencing chest pains, see your doctor. 

2.Neuropathy Pain
We often see neuropathy in people with diabetes and other conditions. This is typically a pain in the hands or feet due to the breakdown of nerves. Testosterone and other forms like DHT are very protective to the nerves and can help repair any nerves that may have been damaged due to injury or otherwise chemical reactions such as chemotherapy.

3.Memory Issues
As testosterone goes down, the memory can decline as well. Basic short-term memory is affected due to the decline as well as visual motor tasks. Men who avoid testosterone for prostate therapy see a significant decline in memory. Our cognition is enhanced as we increase our testosterone levels.

4.Struggling With Fat Loss 
Testosterone is an essential weight loss component for the body. When testosterone is low it makes it very challenging to drop the weight. Studies were done and showed that close to 50 pounds was lost on average to lose the weight when testosterone levels were increased. Especially in the mid section and hips. 

5.Dry Skin
If you begin to have chronic dry skin you may be dealing with low testosterone.  Research was done that showed men and women who had low testosterone had chronically dry skin. Also, other conditions were increased such as psoriasis and eczema. An anti-inflammatory diet can help support this as well. 

If you think you may be struggling with low testosterone get a simple blood test from one of your doctors or a lifestyle specialist. There are many natural ways to increase your hormone levels. You can check out my article for improving testosterone levels naturally.



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