Improving Your Sleep Dilemma

Mike from South Carolina 

Sleep has been an issue for me for the last couple of years. I have been going to school, working, and supporting a family. My doctor has put me on medication, but I would like to see if there are any other options for me to improve my sleep. Can you help?

Dear Mike,

The Four Keys To Overcoming Depression

Olivia from Detroit, Michigan writes:

Depression runs in my family. I have been feeling really sad after the death of my father.  I am 58 and in overall good health. How can I overcome these sad feelings? Am I depressed? Is there anything else that I can do?

Dear Olivia, 

Depression can be a real challenge. It can sneak up on anyone at any age. Are you depressed? Maybe. Many times you have to determine if there is simply a serotonin deficiency involved or if it’s headed into a larger challenge of depression. Typically your family physician can handle creating a diagnosis, or they may refer you to a psychiatrist. Just realize that losing a close loved one can spiral the most emotionally healthy person into a period of grief and depression. 

How Dangerous Is Skin Cancer?

Teresa from Arizona writes: 

I am 33 years old and really wanting to protect my skin from being damaged by the sun. I hear that sunscreen is good and I wear it daily. What else can I be doing to protect my skin from aging too quickly?

Dear Teresa,

I think its great that you are using sunscreen. Our skin is technically our largest organ that we have. There are plenty of natural sunscreens available today that are powerful at keeping out the UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin. I will list a natural recipe for sunscreen at the end of this article. Along with the research done on Vitamin D3 as being a great source of nutrition that we get from direct sunlight, we do need to consider limiting our exposure. 

Can You Beat Diabetes?

Susan from Austin, TX writes:

My husband has recently been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. His doctor wants to start him on some medication. He is 42 years old and about 30 pounds overweight. Are there any lifestyle changes that he can make?


Dear Susan,

Diabetes and blood sugar related health challenges are topping the list in America these days. Our lifestyle choices determine the kind of results we will attain when fighting a health challenge like this. If your husband is willing to radically make some changes, then statistics tell us that he can win. It all begins with some practical steps. Here are some basics to consider.

Dealing With Constipation

Bryan from Mississippi writes:

For the last year I have been dealing with constipation. My doctor has tried all of the basic over the counter items and nothing seems to be working. It seems the more stressed out I get, the less I can go.  What do you suggest?

Dear Bryan,

What All Men Need To Know

Anthony from New York writes:

I am a 56 year-old dealing with prostate issues. My doctor has treated me for prostate infection and says it’s just a swollen prostate- no cancer. What can I do to help with performance and not having to pee so much at night?

Dear Anthony,

Is This The Cure For All Disease?

Selena From North Carolina Writes:
I feel like there are so many “top diseases” that are mentioned daily in the news. My family is relatively healthy and we don’t have much heart disease or cancer in our genes. With all the research pointing to various illnesses, what do you think is the toughest disease we are facing today?

What Are The Keys To Reaching Your Health Goals?

Justin from Jacksonville, FL writes:

I am 42 years young and I need to lose about 30lbs. I keep getting started and then can’t keep it up. I just don’t have enough time in the day to get exercise in. Also, I find eating healthy meals is tough too. What can I do to stay on track?

No Excuses

I can't. No don't understand my lifestyle, my responsibilities, and my workload. I realize that life is full of tough times.


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