New Ways to Improve Anxiety

Jamie From Michigan Writes:

My doctor recently diagnosed me with anxiety. She wants to put me on some of the basic medications but I really don’t know if that is what I want to do. Is there anything that you know of that can help? My life is stressful and I want to be able to cope. Thanks in advance.

Dear Jamie,

I know life can be challenging at times. Responsibility increases, financial challenges, family issues, and our personal health seems to get put on the back burner. When anxiety hits we have to look at a couple of reason why this is. The main reason for anxiety is typically due to lack of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid). When GABA gets low in the brain, anxiety can develop. 

So just take some GABA right?

Cancer Super Foods

Noelle from Denver, CO writes:

My mother just got diagnosed with breast cancer and my father has dealt with prostate cancer. I want to help them learn to eat better and have a better lifestyle. Outside of their medical treatment, what can they do?

Hi Noelle,

Cooling Off The Hot Flashes

Stephanie From Nebraska Writes:

I am 49 and have just started having hot flashes. My doctor doesn’t want to put me on any hormones just yet. It’s driving me crazy! Is there anything that I can do to settle these down?


Dear Stephanie,

Hot flashes can strike at any moment when you are entering that special season of life. Many times hot flashes can be the result of underlying blood sugar issues, certain nutritional deficiencies, or thyroid dysfunction. If all of those areas have already been tested and ruled out, then there are some great ways to support your body when dealing with hot flashes. Here are some tips:


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