8 Heart Essentials

Steed From North Carolina Writes:

I am 38 years young and I have a strong family history of heart disease. My doctor says I should eat healthy and exercise. I understand that, but what else can I do to make sure I stay ahead of any potential heart issues?

Dear Steed,

It’s great to hear that you want to stay ahead of the game with your health. Heart disease is now the No. 1 leading cause of death in the United States. The CDC says that heart disease claims about 600,000 lives each year with more women than men dying of heart disease. Regardless of your age, certain genetic factors may come into play around 15-20%, however how efficiently the heart can deliver oxygen is the key to maintaining great energy, youth, and vitality. Here re some basic steps to help you stay ahead of the game and on top of optimal heart health.

Defeating Depression

Bri From New Mexico Writes:

This has been a tough year so far. I have recently lost my job and I have three children to take care of. We have gone through some tough financial times. I have been extremely tired, have severe joint pain, and I can’t sleep. I also don’t have the excitement for life that I always had. My doctor says this is depression. Is it?


Dear Bri,

How Our Hair Reflects Our Health

Dean From Florida Writes:

Recently I have seen many changes in my hair. It has started turning gray, receding, and becoming very brittle. I have noticed that my energy has been lower and I’ve gained some extra weight. What do you think could be the issue?

Dear Dean,

Our hair actually can tell us quite a bit about what is going on with our health. Many times we are nutritionally deficient in key areas that may cause a variety of health issues. Here are some key factors to look for when you see changes in your hair.

1.Your Hair Becomes Dry and Thin
If you see these types of hair changes you might be looking at a potential thyroid condition called hypothyroidism. Look for symptoms such as excessive fatigue, cold intolerance, and joint pain. Blood testing will also help determine if there are any issues. 

Surprising Reasons For Low Energy

Candice in New York Writes:

I am 42 and am seeing my energy levels take a real drop. I have 3 kids and usually am running around like the energizer bunny. My doctor has run all the tests and said that I am checking out to be ok. What could this be?

Dear Candice,

Low energy has become a resounding issue for so many people today. You are definitely not alone. Low energy can be attributed to conditions like anemia, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and even cancer. However in this case, you may want to look at the most common reasons, which are usually dietary in nature. The top reasons we see for a decline in energy has to do with several choices that we make each day. Lets look at some of the basics and see what we can do to make better lifestyle choices.

Surviving Gout

Michael From Florida Writes:

Gout has been a challenge for me over the last few years. My doctor frequently gives me medications that help temporarily. I feel like I can’t eat what I want, or I will immediately have a flare up. Am I stuck eating boring foods just to avoid the gout pain? What can I do?

Dear Michael,

Men’s Menopause

Christopher From Texas Writes:

I am 52 and am struggling with low energy levels, being with my wife intimately, and I am experiencing mood swings. My doctor says I have Low T and wants me to take some hormone replacement. Are there any other options?

Dear Christopher,

Solutions for Kids ADHD

Irene From South Dakota Writes:

My son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I hear so much about this condition with my friends and their kids. I really don’t want him taking any medications. What else can be done to help him? 

Dear Irene,

Battling Headaches

Ken From Michigan Writes:

What can you do for headaches? I have been dealing with headaches off and on for about twenty years. I use medications sometimes and they seem to help. What could be causing these headaches to reoccur and what can I do to correct this?

Dear Ken,

Younger Looking Skin

Mickie From Florida Writes:

I have been doing my best to take care of my skin. I am 41 and now starting to see some signs of aging. What can I do to keep my skin healthier and reduce many of the wrinkles that I am seeing?

Dear Mickie,

Beating Heart Disease

Kay From North Carolina Writes:

I recently had some testing done and my doctor says that I have a major blockage in one of my arteries that he is concerned about. He said eat a “heart-healthy” diet. What does that mean? Are there certain foods and choices that I can make that will help this condition?

Dear Kay,


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